• Dr. S. P. Rajguru

    Associate Professor & IQAC Co-Ordinator, Arts & Commerce College,Madha. A/P/Tal-Madha,Dist-Solapur


Frequently asked questions

1) How can I get the information about the procedure ?

Ans. Read the submission guidelines carefully and send your submission accordingly as MS-Word file to researchdimensions@gmail.com

2) When can I ask the status of my submission ?

Ans. On the submission guidelines this is explained in detail. Expected time limit is mentioned on the submission page.

3) Why was my article rejected ?

Ans. If your submission is not according to the submission guidelines it will be rejected even before peer-review procedure.

4) What is the procedure of accepting or rejecting the submission ?

Ans. Initially the paper will be checked for plagiarism. Then, it will be followed by blind peer-review procedure. We send your submission to three reviewers and if at least two of them approve your submission then we accept your submission. If two reviewers send negative reviews we reject your submission.

5) How can I subscribe to the journal ?

Ans. Research Dimesion is an open access e-journal where in you can read and download articles for free.

6) What is the publication fee ?

Ans. Our eminent editorial board members and reviewers are working voluntarily for the development of the research field. The publication fee is charged for the cost of managing the journal site and management team. The author(s) needs to pay a minimum amount of INR 3000 (India) or USD 100 or EURO 75 (others) excluding transaction charge as a publication fee for each accepted manuscript by the editorial board. No extra charge will be there for the Review Report and Digital Certificates for the authors. Payment procedure will be notified to the author through e-mail after the successful review process.

7) How many articles can I submit at a time ?

Ans. You can submit 2 articles at a time.

8) How can I join the editorial team? What is the procedure ?

Ans. Visit this page for detailed information on how to join editorial team (Click here)

9) I did not find my question on your FAQ List.

Ans. Kindly send an e-mail to researchdimensions@gmail.com or call us - 09822371039.